The Digital Minority

A recent newspaper article, “Frykter mange barn kan bli digitale tapere”(Wernersen, 2014, April 28), refers to senior researcher, Petter Bae Brantzæg, who has found that there are great differences between schools in terms of digital competence. Researcher Stakstad, who is referred to in the same article, argues that there is reason to talk of a “digital minority” in Norway today, meaning students who are not exposed to digital technology in their spare-time, or at school. Erstad (2010) claims that it is the “teacher’s task to give the use of ICT a specific content based on own knowledge of the subject” (p. 138). This requires, however, skills and competence in using various digital genres didactically.



Erstad, O. (2010). Digital kompetanse i skolen (2 ed.). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

Wernersen, C. (2014, April 28). Frykter mange barn kan bli digitale tapere. NRK.  Retrieved 21.05.2014, from


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