Obligatory Blog Posts

During the course of this spring term, I have enjoyed quite a lot of freedom of choice. However, there have been some obligatory blog posts that are required of me as a student to write. These include: 

1. “Electronic Portfolios: Collect, Select,Reflect” (Topic: Electronic Portfolios)

2. “Digital Storytelling in the Language Classroom” (Topic: Digital Storytelling)

The practical assignment connected to this post is shown here: “Digital Storytelling: My Project” 

3. “Multimodal Analysis: Deconstructing the semiotics of a power point presentation” (Topic: Multimodality)

A topic connected to multimodality, is hypertextuality. I have written a post about that here: “Hypertext: navigating through a web of links”

4. “Digital Bildung and Source Criticism” (Topic: Source Criticism).

Importantly, this post links to several posts on source criticism (My Wikipedia posts: “Wikipedia in the classroom” and “Wikipedia: follow up”). I forgot to link to “Digital Footprints in the sand?”  – a post that really can frighten one out of wits. This is linked to the notion of Digital Bildung.

Still, I deem many of the other posts as relevant to the general topic of Digital competence, and I hope you have enjoyed them.

So long,




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