A great day for educators, but a sad one for photographers?

One of the challenges when facilitating multimodal activities in the language classroom is minding copyrights. The gap between doing it the easy way, i.e., doing a quick Google Image Search, versus doing an advanced search (not to mention about the different licences) at Flickr could be wide. Piracy has, consequently, become a very common thing on the web. Blogs and web pages use images without an awareness of copyrighted material.

In a BBC article published today, you can read that Getty Images has made an attempt to change this trend. Recently, Getty Images made 35 million photos free to use. With its new “embed tool” users can embed photos in their blogs while at the same time give credit to the photographer. Newspapers and agencies will still have to pay for photos. However, many photographers are unhappy with this course of events, since the removal of watermarks makes it easier to give away photos for free.


(Photo: Matis, 2012, Flickr)



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2 thoughts on “A great day for educators, but a sad one for photographers?

  1. As I commented on Hanna’s blog, the conventions of using photos from the Internet is both tricky and at times a bit blurry. What do you, personally, think about what Getty’s initiative?

    • I think the embed tool is really progressive. It could help giving the photographers credit for their work, just like re-blogging credits authors and prevents plagiarism. I hope that functions like these can relieve the level of piracy, and make it easier for users to make the right choices.

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