BBC News; “Social media transforms the textbook lesson”

Imagine a global and digital classroom without chalk, textbooks, or pencils. How would it look like? In this article you can read about a real example from Norway. Be inspired!

Connected Teaching and Learning

The global classroom gets media attention!

bbc newsI had an amazing time at BETT this year and the highlight was our workshop on Wednesday. To be able to present there again, this time with two students, was a great experience and we enjoyed a pretty large crowed of enthusiastic educators as well. BBC reporter Carolyn Rice attended our workshop and she interviewed the three of us after the session. The result is a mention on the BBC world radio show the Tech tent, and an article on BBC news technology. I’m including an extract from the article here:

Forget the blackboard and the chalk. In fact, forget the whiteboard and the markers.

The exercise books, the textbooks and the stationery can also be packed away. There is no need for any of them in the classroom of the future. A room full of students with a tablet each and a…

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3 thoughts on “BBC News; “Social media transforms the textbook lesson”

  1. Thanks for sharing this blog, Kim Daniel. I didn’t know about this teacher and the way she runs her classroom. Impressive!

    I actually attended BETT myself two years ago, invited by the European Schoolnet in Brussels to be part of their stand on eTwinning. I had several short presentations from the stand, and spoke to visitors stopping by. Interesting experience!

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