You got to love TED

I just had to repost my classmate Heidi Beate’s inspiring and keen review of TED talks and TEDxESL. The latter is a page for ESL discussion material on TED talks.

Ting jeg tenker på

This is just a quick post to recommend another blog.

TED is a conference devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”, and the topics of interest are numerous. I could – if I felt it was relevant – post an endless number of videos that has left me contemplating my own attitudes and practices, both in my private life and academically, in addition to leaving me thirsty for more information and knowledge. However, I will stay on point. Recently TED has created yet another channel for sharing their ideas, and this one is aimed directly at teachers of English as a second language. The blog – – has ready made lesson plans based on TED talks (including transcripts). This is a potential goldmine!

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One thought on “You got to love TED

  1. Yes, this is indeed a very good resource, and a brilliant idea. This is yet another example of how valuable the Internet can be for language teachers!

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