Hello world!

My name is Kim-Daniel. I come from a small island on the lush and wonderous west coast of Norway. At the time, I’m living in Trondheim where I’m studying for an MSc in English and Foreign Language Didactics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The main purpose of this blog is to reflect on and discuss digital competence in the English language classroom. I’m taking a subject called EDU3084: Digital Competence. I chose this subject because I believe that digital competence is an essential part of education. My point of departure will be digital competence in terms of the Norwegian setting, and reflect on how digital competence could function as a fundamental part in the English language classroom. I wish to learn more about digital competence, as well as augmenting my digital skills. In the backdrop of it all, I hope to develop my critical awareness to digital competence and digital Bildung. I also hope to get new and creative ideas to realise in the classroom!

Thanks for visting my blog, and feel free to leave comments!

Below you can see a snap of how student life is like in Trondheim this time of year:



6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Anita,
    Thanks! Yes, I have heard some viewpoints in the debate already.
    The articles you have linked to are interesting, and I shall post a blog where I discuss the aspects of ICT and Internet access in the classroom.

  2. Hello Kim-Daniel,
    my oh my have you been busy. I am really impressed with all the work you have done but what are you to do in this hostile environment far away from your lush island? See, I just try to distract from he fact that I have not been as industrious as you. I would like to have a much closer look at your page but now I feel bad and have to pimp mine a little bit more.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend

  3. Hi Silke,
    It’s kind of addicting when you first start blogging and discovering inspirational wordpress pages all around the web, so I haven’t been that busy. But thanks. I’m looking forward to read more posts on your site. I have had a splendid weekend thus far. Hope you are enjoying yours as well!

    “Weh’ dem Lande, wo man nicht mehr singet.”

    – Johann Gottfried Seume, “Die Gesänge“

  4. Hi Kim-Daniel,
    oh now you want to play the quotation game, well you can only lose. But here we go: “Wo man singt, da lass dich ruhig nieder, böse Mensche kennen keine Lieder.” Don’t know by whom but very traditional.
    But back to business. I read your post “Disable WIFI” and I have to say that I find it terribly annoying that people who talk about education always seem to look for easy solutions. They look for single factors that cause our school systems not be the best one possible and they very often offer very easy answers.
    Sometimes I think I should not read articles on education and school anymore because that is far from helpful. One week it is a scandal that students do not have enough books at a certain school, the next week a different school has revolutionised education by abandoning books. One week, laptops for everyone are the solution to all our problems, the next they want to banish computers from school.
    I think that digital competence is neither the remedy for our educational system nor will it bring about its doom. As with most technologies it opens up for new possibilities but has to be treated with some caution.
    I could babble on some more but I am being summoned by my better half.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  5. Hi Silke,
    Nein, und ich mag keine böse Menschen! A very nice quote, indeed. I will not even remotely pretend that I can compete in the quotation game, haha.
    I’m happy to hear you read my post. I totally agree with your statement regarding easy solutions and measures to complicated matters. I think I would have reacted just a little more sanguinely if the arguments by Prof Vavik were more discussing. I think it is important, although not easy, to refrain from making assumptions without considering more aspects than one.
    I believe digital competence is a gradually important aspect in the educational system. It is futile to stop the development, and the educational system needs to facilitate digital students. It’s like this blog – I feel I’m constantly thinking about it, or that it is constantly in the back of my head. Clearly, in my case, using a blog may boost my learning processes, although I do not wish to generalise.

    Alles gute,

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